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The English-speaking side of this blog is sorely underpopulated… for now.

It was born in Spanish, and its original purpose was to serve as a complement to my book La Invención del Reino Vegetal (Ariel, 2015).

At its core, it all boils down to a single question:

What can our relationships with plants reveal about who we are?

Relationships are stories, a myriad stories that intersect, get entangled, drift apart, come together; they may follow different directions, the same direction.

When taken individually, they may appear confusing. Yet taken as a whole, we begin to see patterns emerging, recurring themes in the stories. Because although ‘tis certainly true that much can be learnt from the plants themselves, I believe these stories teach us even more about ourselves.

These are the stories I work with, the stuff my dreams are made of these days.

These are the stories I share in this blog.


Food & Gastronomy
[Series | Ugandan portraits] Musa-ings on the Mato(o)ke Mysteries, part 1: the kitchen
Musa-ings on the Mato(o)ke Mysteries, part 2: the forest


Scents & Perfumes | Sacred Botany
Of Perfumes & Gods: Olibanum in a flask
Art(s) & Symbolism
Les non-fleurs de Monsieur Monet
Book-a-Leafing: Renoir’s Garden

This is a rather pathetically small list, I know. It’ll get better though, I promise.

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(And if you happen to speak Spanish, I’d encourage you to visit the Spanish index.)